Dr. Devashri Patil

Dr Devashri Patil

MBBS, MS ENT, Fellowship in Head and Neck Oncosurgery, PhD JJ hospital Mumbai.

Fellowship in Head and Neck Oncosurgery, at Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Mumbai, Under Dr Sultan Pradhan.

PhD in gene mutation in oral cancer at JJ Hospital Mumbai.

            • Training In Head and Neck CancerResections for oral cavity cancers, Commando procedures, Local and regional flap reconstructions, Maxillectomy, Radical & modified radical neck dissections, Thyroidectomy, Laryngectomy, Salivary gland tumours.


Abstracts and Poster Presentation:

  1. Paper: Study of Puretone Audiometry findings and intraoperative findings in patients of chronic suppurative otitis media.
  2. Poster: Case of bilateral acquired nasal vestibular stenosis managed with radial artery free forearm flap.
  3. Poster: Surgical anatomy of Vocal Cords.

Paper Publication: 1]Title: Correlation of hearing loss and pure tone audiometry findings in patients of CSOM.

Research work: Study of Gene mutations in oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma and to study the circulating tumor DNA in blood at different time to early detect the minimal residual disease in postoperative follow up period.

Hobbies: Batminton, painting, cooking different varities of food.