Medical Oncology

Mumbai cancer care offers Medical Oncology treatment that deals with ChemotherapyImmunotherapy, and Targeted therapy in combination with chemotherapy to more effectively treat cancer. They also manage the side effects of chemotherapy ranging from common to rarer ones, so that patients can lead relatively normal lives while receiving chemotherapy.

Medical Oncology Treatment in India is best possible at MCC where a multidisciplinary approach is followed to treat the patients. It offers comprehensive patient care along with expertise, assurance and huge dedication

We have a team of fully trained Medical Oncologists with rich experience of managing all types of cancers with Chemotherapy. They are also experts in treating cancers more effectively by using Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapy in combination with Chemotherapy. In addition, they manage the side effects of Chemotherapy, ranging from common to rare, so that patients can lead relatively normal lives while receiving Chemotherapy


What are the precautions I need to take to avoid infection during the treatment?

  • Wash your hands carefully while in the hospital. Alcohol hand rub is kept by each hand wash basin and by the entrance of the clinical areas (wards, day unit and outpatients). It is quicker and easier to use than soap when your hands are not actually soiled but might be carrying “hidden bugs.” Please wash your hands after using the toilet or if you have any diarrhoea
  • Maintain good personal hygiene, take a bath or shower every day
  • Keep your mouth clean, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth after meals
  • Use a soft toothbrush that won’t hurt your gums
  • Be careful not to nick yourself when using scissors, needles or knives
  • Change your bed linen regularly
  • Avoid going to crowded places
  • Avoid inhalation of dust
  • Take care when handling pets
  • Stay away from people who have a disease / infection you can catch, such as cold, flu and measles. Inform us immediately if you are in contact with someone with an infectious or contagious disease such as Chicken Pox.
  • Keep your environment clean, use a regular surface disinfectant

If you are at particular risk of an infection, due to the type of Chemotherapy you are receiving, you may be given “preventative” antibiotics. These should help protect you from the most common infections. Please ensure you take them regularly as directed.

Radiologic technician smiling at mature female patient lying on a CT Scan bed

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