Haemato Oncology

Haematology is the scientific study of blood and the body tissues that make it.  A haematological cancer is one affecting the blood directly or the tissues that are responsible for making it.

The treatment of any blood cancer depends on the particular type. This can vary considerably from patient to patient. Treatment will vary depending on the type of blood cancer.  The first stage is to diagnose the disease. This may be done either as an in-patient or as an out-patient.

A series of tests may be performed as part of this process. This may include some or all of the following: blood and urine tests, a biopsy, a bone marrow sample, x-ray, CT, MRI and or a PET scan.


  • Once all of the results have been looked at by the medical team a treatment plan is discussed with the patient and his family. Treatment may involve a combination of chemotherapy, radiotherapy. In some cases treatment may not need to be started immediately, this may be referred to as ‘watchful waiting’.Haematology Consultants 

    You will be under the care of a Consultant who specialises in treating patients with blood cancers. They will be responsible for the treatment plan and delivery and subsequent follow up of your care. You may also be referred to other specialities as part of any treatments that are planned.

    Oncology Consultant

    If, as part of your treatment you are to receive radiotherapy you will be referred to a Consultant who specialises in this treatment. You will have an initial out-patient appointment where the treatment regime will be discussed in detail, after which you will receive your treatment appointment dates.

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