Breast Cancer

Your breast cancer treatment plan

Your breast cancer treatment plan is based on both medical and personal choices. Each treatment option has risks and benefits to consider along with your own values and lifestyle.


  • Your treatment is tailored to:
    • Your specific breast cancer (the biology of the tumor)
    • The stage of the breast cancer
    • Your overall health, age and other medical issues
    • Your personal preferences

    Because of the differences between tumors and between people, your treatment plan may differ from someone else’s, even though you both have breast cancer.


  • Breast cancer treatment can be divided into two parts: local and systemic.

    Local therapy

    Local therapy removes the cancer from a limited (local) area, such as the breast, chest wall and lymph nodes in the underarm area (axillary nodes).

    It also helps ensure the cancer doesn’t come back (recur) to that area.

    Local therapy includes surgery and radiation therapy to the breast area.

    Systemic therapy (adjuvant therapy)

    Systemic therapy aims to get rid of cancer cells that may have spread from the breast to other parts of the body.

    Systemic therapy usually means drug therapy, which travels throughout the body to get rid of cancer cells that may have spread.

    Systemic therapy uses drug therapies (either by vein (through an IV) or pill form) that travel throughout the body to get rid of cancer cells. It includes chemotherapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy.

    Because systemic therapy is in addition to (an adjunct to) breast surgery, these treatments are often called adjuvant therapy.

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